RSS Feed for Non-iTunes users

Hey everyone!  I have had some questions about how to subscribe to the podcast if you don’t have an i-Thing.

Here’s the current RSS feed:

I realize some of the new podcasts are still not showing up in the feed.  I will work on it.  In the meantime, keep visiting for updates.

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  • Rivalie says:

    Hi Beth and Cari! I just recently discovered your podcasts and I’m 100% in love. I tried clicking on the link you provided above, but it always shows up as broken. Do you guys have an updated link? Please let me know! Thanks :)


  • cari says:

    Hi Riv! Glad you like them! I’m sorry the link still isn’t working. I’ll see if I can fix it. Getting ready to post a couple author interviews within the next couple days, so it will give me a chance to look at it. Thanks for listening!

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