What We’re Reading, Twilight, and 90’s fashion

We rate the last Twilight series movie and talk about what other book-to-movies that we are excited about. We talk about what we’re reading. Also, find out what we rocked … Continue Reading

The Crossover: Adult Authors Writing Teen Books

YA is one of the hottest genres thanks to Twilight and Hunger Games. We talk about what authors are crossing over to the dark side and writing YA. Other cool … Continue Reading

Grieving Through Reading

SHOW NOTES:  We talk about the books, fiction and nonfiction, that explore grief and also the celebration of life.  Participate in the Into the Light Walk on September 30 at … Continue Reading

Predicting a Best Seller

SHOW NOTES:  We discuss the characteristics that could qualify a book for a NY Times Bestseller. These are some of our basic criteria. (We also go off on a tangent … Continue Reading

Best Pregnancy Books

Best Pregnancy Books

Best Pregnancy Books or “What to panic about when you’re panicking” or “How to have an unmedicated caveman style birth” SHOW NOTES:  By listener request, we talk about pregnancy and birth … Continue Reading

Librarians and Writers: The Connection

Librarians and Writers: The Connection or “You have to read a lot to be a good writer. The library can help with that.” SHOW NOTES:  Beth and Cari talk about the … Continue Reading

Books for Geeks of All Ages

Books for Geeks of All Ages or “A geek is carefree enough to admit they like Twilight” SHOW NOTES:  Beth and Cari discuss an article in Wired Magazine about the 67 … Continue Reading

Our 100th Podcast! or “100 Shades of Cari and Beth. It’s so dirty.” (not really)

We reminisce about the past five years, chat about Fifty Shades of Grey, and our recent author visits/Skype sessions. We have an awesome giveaway! Tell us your favorite book of the past … Continue Reading

Remember, Patience is a Virtue

Cari and I apologize for the delay in posting a new podcast. We are trying to come up with something super awesome for our 100th. We are set to record … Continue Reading

How I Met the Author (Cari’s Trip to PLA)

Cari hobnobs with authors at PLA. Here are some new books coming out. Beth and Cari discover a place in Ashtabula, Ohio that they have in common. Bragging about our … Continue Reading